Project Management for Natural Resource Restoration and Resilience

Healthy natural resources are vital to a community’s climate resilience and well-being. Yet public and private stewardship efforts face mounting challenges arising from complex management issues and funding constraints. Ridley & Associates helps to work through those challenges and strengthen the connection between a healthy and sustainable environment and a vibrant economy. Regionally, we have been at the forefront of policy innovation around natural resources restoration and coastal resource management. We have led efforts to implement regionally and nationally significant salt marsh restoration projects, prepared numerous resource management plans and programs, and helped to create and currently manage one of the most successful regional coastal resource management programs in Massachusetts.

Our services include:

  • Project management and coordination of multi-agency, multi-disciplinary teams to implement complex resource management projects
  • Local, state, county and federal permitting coordination
  • Project funding strategy, Grant writing and resource development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Rigorous technical analysis of issues and alternatives combined with community visioning
  • Development of public policy, regulation and legislation
  • Public education and community engagement